Pharmaceutical, diagnostic, device manufacturers and commercial partners

JAC-Antimicrobial Resistance (JAC-AMR) offers three discrete ways for our partners in commerce to engage with the readership.

Peer-review publication of educational and healthcare professional facing resources
Companies can submit educational materials in a range of multi-media formats for peer review. If accepted by the editorial team, an Educational Resource Review (ERR) will be produced and to accompany the resource and be published in JAC-AMR. The ERR will include an original document identifier (doi) enabling the mapping of metrics on uptake, sharing and responses via social media. Resources can be publications, books (provided available electronically), podcasts, webinar recordings, conference proceedings and individual conference presentations, lectures and more. To support editorial costs related with reviewing such educational resources, a submission fee applies for commercial organisations. Submit via the JAC-AMR submissions page ( ERRs for commercial resources will appear alongside, and will be equal in status, to submissions received from academia and other non-commercial organisations.

The editorial team may determine that an educational resource is more suited to supplement publication, for example if it focuses on a particular product. Usually taking the form of a paper, small series of papers or leading article type reviews, supplements are subject to the same high-quality peer review as academic resources to quality assure the content and ensure it is not advertorial in nature. contact the Editor-in-Chief c/o if you wish to have material considered for supplement publication.

For advertising opportunities within JAC-AMR please contact
Naomi Reeves
Advertising Sales Manager
+44 (0)1865 355396